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24 Dorset Mill Rd Exeter, RI 02822

Owner Ryan Baird is a Rhode Island native who grew up in North Kingstown and now resides in the West Kingston area with his wife and two children. At an early age Ryan developed a love for the arts. This led him to The Rhode Island School of Design, where he graduated in 2003 with a degree in Furniture Design. With a lineage filled with talented craftsmen, he naturally gravitated towards the traditional aspects of woodworking. Whether it’s mastering the techniques of hand tools or broadening his knowledge of design and engineering, there is always something more to learn and he’s always grateful for the opportunities that enable him to do so.


When Ryan made the decision to start a woodworking business he wanted a name that was meaningful and defining. Golden Rule Designs was a name that encompassed both. While in college, he began to use the Golden Ratio or Phi Ratio while designing pieces of furniture as well as other projects. By using this mathematical principle he has been able to produce complex designs with simple, eye pleasing results. This has become a standard in his design and all of his work.


~ Traditional techniques for a modern masterpiece ~

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