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Old Stone Bank Reproduction Doors and Windows

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Over the last several months, Golden Rule Designs LLC has had the privilege of being part of the restoration of the Old Stone Bank building in Providence, RI. We have been working hard on re designing and building reproduction doors and windows for the first floor and main entrances. This architectural gem was originally built n 1854 as the headquarters for the Providence Institute for Savings and then added to in 1898 under the new name of Old Stone Bank. No expense was spared in the construction of the bank with a large coffered dome central lobby adorned with imported stone and tile with custom carved Mahogany doors and paneling. We are honored to be part of bringing the building back to it's original glory while including modern features and amenities to meet current requirements and comforts. Please take a look at some of our progress below and be sure to check back in for more updates and photos!

Front Entrance

Here you can see how we went through the construction of the front double door at the bank. These doors are set behind the large bronze doors which secure the banks front entrance when closed. When the bank was open the bronze doors would be fully opened revealing the ornate painted Mahogany doors used to enter the bank. The original doors were set on pivot hinges to allow the doors to easily be pushed open and then would automatically close behind. For security reasons and to allow for the doors to be fully weatherstripped with brass we created an extension jamb to allow for standard brass butt hinges to be used in hanging.

The muntin grids proved to be the most challenging and fun aspect in the build. You can see in the pictures below how we were able to match the design of the original.

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